Alpha Fitness

Alpha fitness was founded upon a passion for helping others succeed.
Are you using your time and energy in the gym wisely? Any exercise is better than no exercise. However, there are many people that aren't having great exercises sessions.

This is what can happen. You might find some things that work, and other things that don't work. You might feel pain or are failing to see results right away. You might then stick to an exercise program consisting of the same 10 to 12 exercises and repeat them for weeks, months, or's hard to get results this way.

We help our clients ENJOY fitness while a
voiding pain and injury, and provide helpful tools, tips, tricks and information. We have a wide variety of fun and challenging exercises for you to choose from and 1-on-1 fitness sessions to help you maximize your workouts and experience better overall health.

Certifications & Education

 - Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology - University of Guelph
 - NSCA Certified Personal Trainer​ - National Strength & Conditioning Association
 - Certified Nutrition Coach Level 1 - Precision Nutrition