Fitness Services

Establish your baseline measurements and find out how your health compares to standard values.

See what functional limitations you might have, and work with us to overcome your weaknesses.

Session 1  -

Complete Body Composition and Postural Analysis - $60

  • Weight, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass.

  • BF% with Harpenden Skinfold caliper.

  • Blood Pressure test with Omron Blood Pressure Monitor.

  • Grip Strength test with Grip Dynamometer.

  • Body Circumference Measurements with Tape Measurer.

  • Full Postural Analysis.

Session 2  -

Joint Range of Motion and Movement Assessment - $60

  • Stretching Analysis - Objective data on tight/weak areas.

  • Gait Analysis - Analysis of any movement compensations during walking.

  • Exercise Movement Analysis – Form correction and more data on tight/weakness.

  • Range of Motion Assessment with a goniometer and inclinometer to find limitations.

Session 3  -

Targeted Corrective Session Using All Data Collected - $60

  • 1-hour coaching session to target rehab session to overcome movement issues.

  • Use targeting corrective exercises, helpful stretches, foam rolling techniques and trigger point exercises to develop a better posture and help you to move better.